Graveside Service

A burial service, conducted at the site of the grave, tomb, mausoleum or cremation, at which the body of the decedent is buried or cremated at the conclusion.

Sometimes, the burial service will immediately follow the funeral, in which case a funeral procession travels from the site of the funeral service to the burial site. At other times, the burial does not take place following the funeral. However, when the final resting place is ready the burial will then take place. If the decedent served in a branch of the Armed Forces, military rites are often accorded at the burial service. We offer a horse drawn caisson to use in the procession, from the site of the funeral service to the cemetery, to better honor those who served our country and fought for our freedom. We can make arrangements for a caisson to be available for use by any family who would like to honor their loved one, whether they were a veteran or not.