Community Contributions

 Community Contributions


The Whigham Family has always believed in giving back to and providing a helping hand to the community of Newark City. We consider the contributions below to be our proudest ventures.

Alpha Drive (original funeral home) & High Street Heights

In keeping with the legacy of Charles L. Whigham--the first African American bank founder in New Jersey (City National Bank), Carolyn & Terry established a venture with Newark City, Essex County, the New Jersey Housing Mortgage & Finance Agency, and Newark YMWCA earmarking the Chronic Homeless Population.

Funds from grants provided complete refurbishing of the original funeral home site into Alpha Drive (New Beginnings) and High Street Heights. These buildings now house each occupant with their own 1 or 2 bedroom apartment unit. The Newark YMWCA provides all overseeing, screening, & counseling. 


Carolyn & Terry are most proud to have been bestowed the honor of being the first African American females to be granted these funds.

Hospital Chaplaincy

After graduating from Divinity School, Terry Whigham became a Chaplin and has volunteered at hospitals providing Chaplaincy when her schedule permits.