We are a privately-owned family business and have always been 100% family-owned. Although Newark is our home, Whigham Funeral Home has been serving Essex County and its surrounding areas for more than 74 years. It is our honor to be a part of this community and therefore, we are proud to serve all families, of all faiths, cultures, and traditions.

Whigham Funeral Home was established in 1946, by the late Mr. Charles Lemar Whigham. Charles took a stride of confidence when founding Whigham Funeral Home at its initial property, a two-family house, that was ultimately transformed into a full-service funeral home. In 1967, Whigham Funeral Home relocated across the street from its original premises to 580 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd where the business has continued to be blessed and grow ever since.

After his transition in the fall of 1993, Charles’ daughter Carolyn Marie Whigham assumed ownership of the funeral home continuing her father’s legacy and she has been in the position as CEO since 1993. Today, Whigham Funeral Home still operates under the same principles of Mr. Whigham and that is, to serve every family with personal care and provide helpful resources to families who are dealing with the passing of a loved one.